New Jewish cemetery

In 1902 the new Jewish cemetery was built next to the new public cemetery in the Old Diedenweg. On May 10, 1913 was the municipality of Wageningen signed an agreement with the board of the Jewish community. It was determined that the old cemetery no other use would be made over the burial of the dead in seven reserved graves. The New Jewish Cemetery was located north of the General Cemetery and has a perpetual access. On November 30, 1929 the old Jewish cemetery was declared closed.

Through the expansion of the cemetery in 1948, the Jewish cemetery was enclosed by the General Cemetery, remained perpetual access.

In 1976 expanded the Jewish cemetery with hundreds of graves come from Gouda, where the Jewish cemetery had to be evacuated to the Boelekade because of the high water. The tombs date back to 1942, the oldest tomb is from around 1810. The graves and monuments were complete, one by one transferred.

After 1945, the ownership of the two cemeteries was transferred to the Dutch Jewish Congregation, NIK. The NIK manages Jewish cemeteries in the Netherlands where no Kehilla (Jewish community) is performing this task.