Ms. Trees Troostwijk speaks on May 4th before commemoration

Prior to the Quiet Tour of the Program commemoration 4 May in Wageningen, Mw Trees Troostwijk-Slager (born on 03-05-1935) talks about her experiences in Wageningen during the Second World War. She was a child with Hamming-Hoeksema, a couple at the Diedenweg 24. The story was that she was e refugee from Rotterdam and called Treesje Bakker.

In September 1944, the Hamming family had to flee to nearby Putten because they were sentenced to suspicion of illegal activities. In Putten, the Hammings with Trees found shelter with farmers, with whom they remained until the end of the war. They were not betrayed and all survived the war.

On July 13, 1972, Geertruidinus Hamming and Sjoerdje Hamming-Hoeksema were recognized by Yad Vashem as Justified among the Peoples.