The Gate of life

“A gate where those who survived the drama go hand in hand through his run and others unfortunately remain. All those who have come alive in the present through the Gate of life, survivors and future generations after them, are both connected to their past and motivated towards a better future. strong and powerful, they are part of our society, but remain vigilant to prevent a recurrence of this unimaginable. ” – Yetty Elzas.

On Thursday, May 4th, 2000, the memorial was dedicated to the Jewish victims of the 2nd World War, the Jewish community Wageningen revealed. The Memorial was designed by the artist Wageningen Mrs. Y. Alsace-Blits.

Preliminary a public meeting was held at 11.00 at the unveiling of the Great Church. A word of welcome spoken by ds. A. Boelhouwer, President Foundation Jewish Memorial Wageningen and surroundings. The musical entertainment was performed by Hans Bloemendal, Chief Cantor (Cantor) of the Dutch-Jewish Main Synagogue in Amsterdam and the Cantate Choir Wageningen and the flautist on flute, Martin Knoppers. Mr. M.J.van der Horst made a speech with the theme: ‘surviving Jewish community in Wageningen. While the teachers of the Margrietschool called the strike took the students a candle at each said name.

At 12.00 followed the unveiling ceremony of the memorial “The Gate of life” in Walstraat opposite the site of the destroyed synagogue. When Memorial was an honor guard of students from Group 8 of Margriet. During his speech mayor Sala focused on preventing a repeat of ethnic persecution and the importance of the monument to survivors of today, but also for the future. Memorial was the mouth of mayor Sala for adoption transferred to Margriet. Then said Rabbi Jacobs, he said among other things: There were in the Netherlands during the Second World War fortunately very few people really wrong. Unfortunately, there were few who were really good. It could all just happen. The box with the names was mayor Sala and Mr. A.G. Steenbergen arranged in the base of the Memorial. Thereafter, the Jiezkor followed by Rabbi J.S. Jacobs.

During the final meeting in the town hall memorial “The Gate of life” was passed by President Boelhouwer the municipality of Wageningen. Yetty and Maurice Elzas donated a scale model of the Memorial to the Jewish Memorial Foundation, later the foundation donated the scale of the museum’s Casteelse Gate. It is on display in the Liberation Room of the museum.