“Although Wageningen Liberation City, they have never thought about placing a memorial in memory of the killed Jews.” So reads the directory in which the Jewish Memorial Foundation Wageningen area presented itself in December 1997.

The aim was to raise money for the creation of a Memorial monument. It was not only the Jews killed in Wageningen but also from Ede-Bennekom, Renkum, Rhenen and Putting. The Jewish inhabitants of these places together formed the Jewish community Wageningen. With B & W of the municipality of Wageningen were contacted on, among other things, the location of the Memorial.

The Foundation’s wish was at or near the site where the synagogue had stood. In August 1999 the City Council granted permission to place the memorial at the desired location: a part of the parking lot at the Straelen-store stronghold in Walstraat. The financial action went very well. Not only from institutions, associations, etc., but also and above all from the bourgeoisie the support was great. Besides the municipality of Wageningen also give surrounding communities a donation.

When it appeared that the targeted amount would be largely met, was to artist Yetty Elzas in November 1999 the contract its design, the Gate of life, to carry out in bronze and two meters high.