Here is buried

The old Jewish cemetery of Wageningen

-edited by Francine Püttmann-.

In mid-October 2018 the book appears (in Dutch): Here is buried. The old Jewish cemetery of Wageningen (€ 29.95).

The book is a product of the Stichting Joods Erfgoed Wageningen and surroundings that worked on this book for 8 years, assisted by Francine Püttmann as editor. It appears with publisher Walburg Pers.

Wedged in between the houses is the old Jewish cemetery of Wageningen on De Bleijk. This was established in 1667 on the ‘Sandcuil’, a piece of land in the sand excavation on the east side of the city that was part of the Stads buitenbleek.

Until 1925, the deceased of the Jewish municipalities of Wageningen, Veenendaal and Rhenen were buried here. Now there are 227 gravestones to see, but there are many more people buried. The history of the cemetery, the translation of all stones and information about the background of the stones are listed in Here is buried. With an index and a map, buried people are also easy to find.

About the editor
Francine Püttmann (1959) studied Semitic Languages ​​(Hebrew) at the UvA. She previously translated and described the Jewish cemetery on the Scheveningseweg in The Hague.


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