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A Jewish Council in Wageningen

Some time ago, a board member of the Jewish Heritage Foundation Wageningen ee held by the failed archive of a Jewish Wageninger, Joan Marcel van der Horst (1932-2008), who had survived the Second World War. He wrote about his father Michael van der Horst. While organizing and viewing the failed documents showed that in Wageningen some time had functioned a Jewish Council, of which his father was secretary. The existence of that board in Wageningen is not widely known.

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Speech Ds. Diepersloot May 4, 2015

Wageningen, May 4, 2015

A Quiet Journey is not exceptional here and it happens with some regularity: people walking in silence to express it beyond words: the horror, the anger, the grief over the loss of life.
So the silence, which just is not spoken, eloquent testimony.

This also applies to the Pacific tour on the fourth of May, as we all remember who did not survive the war. This silence gives us the opportunity to look around. Then we see a number of houses built after the war in the High Street and the Market; in those places were out other houses – which applies to all 112 buildings that have been completely destroyed.
In many of these buildings people lived; some of them were among the 69 Wageningen civilians and five soldiers who died in the war.

We see the Great Church, twice shot largely in ruins.
The Walstraat stood close together Baptist Church and the Synagogue, either no trace more.

Also not to see the dozens of signs saying ‘No Jews’.
Who were still in the war, when there were already barely Jews.
Across from the site of the synagogue is now the Jewish monument ‘The Gate of life “.
It reminds us of the 71 members of the small Jewish community area, which did not survive the war;
15 of them from Wageningen were murdered in Auschwitz.

Even after 70 years it is good on this day to run our Pacific tour, because we live among victims
– the first, second, or even third generation –
which the pain of the war until their last breath with them.

There is another reason.
In my room hangs a photograph that I made 30 years ago at the old Jewish cemetery in the former East Berlin.
That picture shows a wall with the text – translated:
“Here you stand in silence; but when you turn around, do not remain silent. ”

Looking back at the past we do in the present with a view to the future.
So that we will know when it is right to remain silent
one will know when it is necessary to speak.

If you turn around, do not remain silent.
If re-Semitism rears its head
again as groups of people to be made a scapegoat,
as xenophobia fueled again – do not shut up!

Let us wish each other a meaningful silent.

Johannes Diepersloot

Commemorative Meeting Max Meijer Wolder

On April 22 2015 a memorable meeting took place at the Jewish cemetery in Wageningen. Rabbi Jacobs made a speech in front of a group of people involved, the mayor and representatives of the family hiding, fam. Roskam, where Max Meijer Wolder was incorporated 70 years ago.


Call-up for people hiding in second world war in Wageningen


In connection with a book about the Jewish history of Wageningen on and after the 2nd World War, we are looking for people who have been in hiding during the war in Wageningen or know anything about this. To contact mr. Ton Steenbergen via or 0317-416675. Thank you in advance.

Madelon Bino, on behalf of Jewish Heritage Wageningen

Kristallnacht commemoration

Invitation to attend Kristallnacht Commemoration November 8, 2012

The Central Jewish Board (CJO) invites you to attend the Kristallnacht Commemoration on Thursday, November 8th a.s. in the Portuguese Synagogue on the Mr. Visserplein Amsterdam. If speaker is Alexander Pechtold, the leader of D66. The meeting will take place from 17:00 to 18:00 hours. Following a wreath at the entrance of the Dutch Theater.

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