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May 4 2019 Open Jewish Homes

Just like last year, a number of houses will be opened on 4 May 2019 (see: press release 2018) for the stories that can be told about the location with regard to Jewish people in hiding during 1940-45 and / or resistance.

The brochure can be downloaded via:

  • Jose van Dijk (4 meiwerkgroep Wageningen)
  • Nanda de Vries (4 meiwerkgroep Wageningen)
  • Elianne Rookmaaker (4 meiwerkgroep Wageningen)
  • Madelon Bino (St. Joods Erfgoed Wageningen e.o.)
  • Jaap Meijer (St. Joods Erfgoed Wageningen e.o.)
AVG policy. At our public events, photos and video recordings are made for journalistic purposes. When you participate, there is a chance that you will be captured on photo and video. For indoor events we can designate places that are not on screen. Approach someone from the organization for this. More information is available at

Press Release May 4, 2018 Open Jewish Houses


Open Jewish Houses – Houses of Resistance 2018

Speaking memorials on the spot where history has taken place .

On May 4, 2018, the double program Open Jewish Homes – Houses of Resistance will take place in Wageningen: small-scale meetings to remind and commemorate. The Jewish life from before, during and just after the Second World War and the resistance are central. At the place where history took place, current residents, witnesses, descendants, old and new neighbors, connoisseurs and interested people tell personal stories about persecution, resistance and liberation.
The program is organized by the 4MeiWerkgroep and Stichting Joods Erfgoed Wageningen in cooperation with the Jewish Cultural Quarter Amsterdam.

Important commemoration project

The Open Jewish Homes project, which was established in Amsterdam in 2012, has grown into an important and recognizable memorial project in no fewer than 19 cities in the Netherlands. It is in line with the interest of many residents and neighbors in the (pre- and post-war) Jewish history of their home, street or neighborhood. Everyone is welcome to listen, to share impressions and to commemorate together.

The more than 160 commemorations in the context of Open Jewish Homes – Houses of Resistance 2018 will take place in Amstelveen, Amsterdam, Appingedam, Deventer, Gouda, Groningen, Hoorn, Leiden, Maastricht, Santpoort-Zuid, Sneek, Steenwijk, Utrecht, Vught / Den Bosch, Wageningen, Winsum, Winschoten, Winterswijk and Zaanstad. Look for the dates (28 to 6 May) and programs on The meetings last a maximum of one hour and are accessible free of charge.

The starting point for Open Jewish Homes – Houses of Resistance are the addresses and names mentioned on the website, the digital monument for all Jews in the Netherlands who were murdered during the Holocaust.

Double program with added value

2018 is the Year of Resistance and therefore the seventh edition of Open Jewish Homes consists of a double program with both Jewish and resistance stories. Jewish stories and resistance histories are obvious in a variety of ways. Often a resistance story is also a Jewish story and vice versa. Jews were involved in the resistance and hiding – in itself an act of resistance – was often made possible by the involvement of members of the resistance. The stories of and about the resistance can help us deal with the issues of today.

Open Jewish Houses – Houses of Resistance is part of the Year of Resistance, an initiative of the Vfonds and Platform WO2. For more information see and specifically for Wageningen: Elianne Rookmaaker:

Ms. Trees Troostwijk speaks on May 4th before commemoration

Prior to the Quiet Tour of the Program commemoration 4 May in Wageningen, Mw Trees Troostwijk-Slager (born on 03-05-1935) talks about her experiences in Wageningen during the Second World War. She was a child with Hamming-Hoeksema, a couple at the Diedenweg 24. The story was that she was e refugee from Rotterdam and called Treesje Bakker.

In September 1944, the Hamming family had to flee to nearby Putten because they were sentenced to suspicion of illegal activities. In Putten, the Hammings with Trees found shelter with farmers, with whom they remained until the end of the war. They were not betrayed and all survived the war.

On July 13, 1972, Geertruidinus Hamming and Sjoerdje Hamming-Hoeksema were recognized by Yad Vashem as Justified among the Peoples.

Sobibor exhibition in Wageningen

Today, in the central hall of the Hof van Wageningen opened an exhibition on the German extermination camp Sobibor. The arrangement is decorated in recent days by two Polish researchers and lasts until May 18th. In recent years, they and their team found 30,000 items. Photos which are shown on different panels. Also read the testimonies of inmates and the guards.

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Margrietschool adopts monument

On April 22, 2016 the students of grade 7 and 8 of the Margrietschool gave back will be present at the Jewish Memorial, the Living Gate designer Yetty Elzas. “Where those who survived the tragedy were walking hand in hand through the Gate of life and others unfortunately are left “.

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