Author A.G. Steenbergen (Ton)

A.G. Steenbergen (Ton) already holds decades engaged in research on the historical aspects of the town of Wageningen. In recent decades there appeared some of his books and numerous historical publications on various topics in newspapers and magazines. the “Historical Societies Old Wageningen” He was also for many years editor and writer for the magazine.

More than thirty-five years ago, the author of a study of the Jewish community of Wageningen and in neighboring municipalities. The interest of the author for the Jewish inhabitants of Wageningen was awakened in his youth. The family he belonged lived in Veerstraat. In the part of the former quarry in the same street is the old Jewish cemetery. To follow primary education at the Catholic boys’ school at the Otto Gelreweg, the writer-to-be four times daily walked past. How often he has not looked through the bars of the high fence, the stones with Hebrew and Dutch texts and wondered: “Who were those who lie buried here?”

Ton Steenbergen rightly regarded as the authority on the Jewish history of Wageningen and surroundings. Since 1966 he has been publishing on the subject.

His study led also permits initiated by the author on May 4, 2000 in memory of those who were deported during the Holocaust to one of the concentration camps and did not return a memorial in Walstraat opposite the site of the former synagogue was unveiled . This memorial was made possible by the “Foundation for Jewish Memorial Wageningen and surroundings.” The foundation for this purpose created, has done its utmost for this monument to find social support and to get the money that was necessary to achieve the idea.