Annual report 2013

Contact details

  • Email:
    Address: 481 6708 HR Tarthorst Wageningen
    Phone: 0317-417049

    The board composition and names of the board members:
    President Prof. Ir. M.S. Alsace
    Secretary / Treasurer T.J.H. Dillissen
    Member A.G. Steenbergen
    Member Lion
    Member M.Bino Meijers
    Member J. Meijer

    The policy
    The inventory of the aspects of the history of Jewish life in Wageningen have played a special role in society. This publish again, through publications, events and other initiatives at the Wageningen population and other interested parties. Earn income by creating and maintaining a circle of friends. Writing to grant providers for the various projects. Managing the funds that are received for the projects and accountability of the funds used for those who can claim the right to know that information. All funds received are used for the purposes specified above, in particular our projects.

    The remuneration policy
    According to our statutes article 4 paragraph 5: The board members enjoy no remuneration for their work. They have a right to reimbursement of expenses incurred by them in the performance of their duties.

    The goal
    According to our bylaws art.2 The foundation aims to:

  • the preservation of memorials commemorating the fallen members of the Jewish community in Wageningen and surroundings in World War II;
  • promoting conservation, restoration or restoration of all movable and immovable property related to the Jewish community in Wageningen and surroundings;
  • promoting the oral and written tradition of all that is related to the Jewish community in Wageningen and surroundings;
  • The foundation does not seek to make profits;
  • and furthermore, the performance of all that is connected therewith or may be conducive to this end, all in the most broad sense of the word. 

    Report of the performed activities
    Placing Remembrance Stones (36) in locations in Wageningen which were important for the presence of Jewish inhabitants in the town. The Jewish population share in the past has played a prominent role in the local community, both in the middle and in the working population. This project was finalized on September 15 with its inauguration by Chief Rabbi Jacobs. Through the walks around the places of Remembrance Stones are also taken by Wageningen. A booklet outlining the background of all the Remembrance Stone described and their location is shown in the works and will be ready for July 1, 2014. Another major project is the inventory of the old Jewish cemetery, which is now a national monument. The aim is to investigate the origin of the tombstones and making the Hebrew inscriptions understandable for the general public. There are pictures of all the tombstones and now the texts are translated. There is plenty of work at the moment in order to give a book in 2014/2015.

Financial responsibility

State funds by January 1, 2012: € 10,247

revenues in 2013

Donations friends:
Selling book
€ 34
€ 395
€ 235
€ 19
Total revenue: € 683

Costs in 2013

Project Memorial Stones
Project Old Jewish cemetery:
Miscellaneous costs:

€ 2.443
€ 8
€ 267

Total costs:

€ 2.718

State funds by December 31, 2012: € 8,122

The whole is rounded off in full euros. There has been an audit for 2012 and the books and documents were in order.