May 4 2019 Open Jewish Homes

Just like last year, a number of houses will be opened on 4 May 2019 (see: press release 2018) for the stories that can be told about the location with regard to Jewish people in hiding during 1940-45 and / or resistance.

The brochure can be downloaded via:

  • Jose van Dijk (4 meiwerkgroep Wageningen)
  • Nanda de Vries (4 meiwerkgroep Wageningen)
  • Elianne Rookmaaker (4 meiwerkgroep Wageningen)
  • Madelon Bino (St. Joods Erfgoed Wageningen e.o.)
  • Jaap Meijer (St. Joods Erfgoed Wageningen e.o.)
AVG policy. At our public events, photos and video recordings are made for journalistic purposes. When you participate, there is a chance that you will be captured on photo and video. For indoor events we can designate places that are not on screen. Approach someone from the organization for this. More information is available at

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